The Dark Side Of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is something that many people struggle with. Whether it’s drugs or alcohol, the root causes are the same, and most often, the results are the same. Drug addicts are not alone in their addictions as it is their friends and families that often experience it alongside of them. When it comes to drug addiction, addicts get caught in a seemingly never-ending cycle whereby they need the drugs to make them feel better, but the dependence on the drugs just take them further down the rabbit hole.

Underlying Causes of Drug Addiction

Some people have addictive personalities. While others can try something, like its effects, and just return to it when they please, those with addictive personalities don’t have that kind of power over their urges.

For many drug addicts, the happiness or relief that drugs give them is a coping mechanism. Many drug addicts initially turn to drugs to escape a troubled life or event that happened to them. Many drug addicts are people with poor mental health and the drugs made them feel better for a short time. After prolonged use, however, those people just needed more and more to maintain that relief or escape. For many suffering from anxiety or depression, drugs are a means by which they cope with their mental issues. The problem is that those issues are them compounded over time as they become more and more dependent upon the drugs that first brought them relief. This is when many switch to harder drugs than they initially turned to. It takes more to reach that same effect, so more serious drugs or more of them are needed to chase that initial high.

Family and Friends of Drug Addicts

For the family and friends of drug addicts, it can be especially difficult. There is a fine line between enabling and helping a drug addict. Drug addicts can become master manipulators. They can be great actors too. Many functioning drug addicts are able to sustain a job and keep up with daily responsibilities. Many are able to hide their addiction from their friends and family for a long time.

For family and friends of known drug addicts, they will likely experience that person asking them for money for drugs at one time or another. Even if they don’t say that is where the money is going, most likely, anything they ask for is to feed their habit. Friends and family can see their loved one suffering, shaking, sweating, needing that next fix, and how hard is it to say no and watch them suffer. At one point, the only thing you can do to truly help is to convince them they need help. Drug addicts can’t be helped until they first admit they need and want help.