The Value Of Normal Testosterone

The male body responds to testosterone to a level. It is a misconception that high testosterone will make a man even stronger than normal or send a man’s libido into overdrive; higher testosterone does not appear to have an effect beyond a fixed, natural point. On the opposite end, low testosterone has all sorts of negative health effects.

The most important issue is whether or not hypogonadism is primary or secondary. This means that low testosterone might be caused by a disease with the gonads or with the pituitary gland. Because the pituitary gland controls many other glands, it can cause low testosterone and other health problems. Signs of pituitary problems include a headache and blurred vision. This type of disease has all sorts of problems that are unrelated to sexual characteristics.

If the problem is with the gonads, then it could be that hormone receptors are lacking or not working. It could also be that there is a disease affecting the testicles and they cannot function. It is often best to treat the disease at its source. Diseases affecting the testicles should be dealt with because it is such a delicate organ. Surgery of the testicles can affect testosterone, but it is easy to supplement testosterone.

As far as sexual function goes, testosterone may or may not be the issue. Erectile dysfunction in men is influenced by health and regular exercise. Exercise affects many of the body’s functions, including hormone production. If a person does not exercise, then the circulatory and nervous system is not stimulated, and vigorous cardiovascular health is needed for a strong erection. Diet and exercise can be a first attempt at dealing with a minor hormone problem.

If the testosterone deficiency is not caused by any serious disease, then the fix is probably supplements. Natural testosterone can do the trick, but so can artificial substitutes such as steroids. As long as steroids are used according to doctor recommendations, they can be safe. Even safer are human growth hormones which can preserve a masculine physique long into old age.

Problems with the pituitary gland are more difficult to treat. The problem might be a tumor or a brain injury. An injured brain might be impaired for a lifetime. While hormone treatment can adjust testosterone, other complications might be bad enough that testosterone treatment is a lower priority. Dealing with a serious disease is, of course, more important than the aesthetics of having good testosterone.

Testosterone can also be impacted by drugs. Taking opioids and the abuse of steroids can wreak havoc on natural testosterone production. It might take a long withdraw before hormone production normalizes. It is a good reason not to abuse drugs at all. Always check with a doctor because professionals know more.