What To Know About Testosterone

There are many hormones that are produced by the human body. Each of these hormones has a specific function in the body. One of the most important hormones, especially in the male body, is testosterone. It is produced in the testicles from the age of 13 years at puberty. When a boy reaches puberty, the testicles start producing testosterone hormone. The hormone usually causes a wide range of changes in the adolescent male. This includes; rapid growth spurt, hair growth in the underarms, pubic area and face, increase in the size of the reproductive organs, sperm production, rapid muscle growth and increase in red blood cell count in the body among other things.

Testosterone Levels in the Aging male

It is important to note that testosterone production usually peaks at around the age of 18-24 years. This is when men are usually at the height of their youth. Due to high testosterone levels, men of this age are usually extremely sexually active as they have a high libido and sexual stamina. Men within this age group are also much more fertile than their older counterparts. Their muscle mass is also significantly higher while their endurance is impressive.

From the age of around 28-30 years, however, testosterone production usually starts to go down. This is one of the signs of aging. From the age of 30 years onward, testosterone production usually takes a dip and men usually start experiencing a number of unwanted effects. One of them is reduced muscle mass. This is usually accompanied by an increase in body fat and hair loss. Sexual stamina and libido also take a dip as testosterone production declines. Some men may experience low fertility as a result. As you can see, these are undesirable changes for any man.

Boosting Testosterone levels

Low testosterone levels can be problematic. Therefore, any man with low t-levels would want to boost the concentration of this hormone in their body. This can be done in a number of ways, including:

i) Intake of T-Boosting Foods

There are some foods that are known to increase the natural production of this male hormone. By adding these foods to your diet, you can be assured of boosting your testosterone levels naturally.

ii) Natural T-Boosting Supplements

There are many types of testosterone supplements that are known to boost testosterone production in the body naturally. Taking these supplements as prescribed by the manufacturer is sure to boost your t-levels naturally.

iii) Testosterone Pills and Injections

If you want to get instant results, you can use testosterone injections and pills to restore your T-balance. Doctors usually prescribe low doses of these products to patients who have hormonal imbalances. Ideally, testosterone pills and injections should only be used under the instruction of a qualified medical practitioner.